Your Mom Doesn’t Work Here….

I just finished the first of my last three nights on contract here in Sweden.  I am soon heading home to Florida where it is the temperature and humidity of an extremely premature infant’s incubator (that’s super hot and super humid).  I am making a quick detour to England before heading home where I plan to dance at Covent Garden, eat nothing but scones and clotted cream, and pay a visit to The Florence Nightingale Museum.

Do you find that no matter where you travel, the faces may change and the names may change, but it’s the same?  It’s no different overseas.  The hospital hosts the same issues, same gripes, same jokes as any hospital in the U.S.  It’s so interesting that it took traveling so far away for me to learn this.  I can think of many examples, but last night was a super funny one.

The following is a translation of a picture I took in our break room at work.  Even in Sweden coworkers leave nice notes for one another.  It reads….

“Tupperware that is left in the sink will be thrown out directly even if it is clean or dirty. You are not at home so you better get it together and clean up after yourselves. We would like to keep this place clean!


The one cleaning up after your shit!”



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