Foreign Nurse Feature: A Nurse in Sweden

IMG_8987This is my first month featuring inspiring nurses from around the world.  As most of you may already know, I live in Sweden.  I felt it only right to start here in my second home.  Meet Lena ❤  She is a nurse from Gothenburg, Sweden.  She is one of my hero nurses.  Her skill, experience, and kindness are unending.  I always feel safe knowing she is there for reference and advice.

How long have you been a Nurse?

I graduated in 1987.  I worked for a few years in an infection clinic before I specialized in pediatric nursing in 1992.

In what area of Nursing do you work?

I have worked in neonatal intensive care since I finished my pediatric nurse specialty.  I even worked in the NICU as a nursing assistant from 1982-1984 so this area has always been close to my heart.

 What inspired you to be a nurse?

Not sure, but I remember even at age five telling my mom that I wanted to be a nurse.  When I was twelve I borrowed a nursing uniform from the 1940’s to wear to a costume party.  It just felt right.

What advice would you give to a new nurse?

Listen to both your heart and intuition, but also listen to your experienced coworkers.  Be open to advice, look, and actively learn.  Last but not least, you have a whole career ahead of you, you can’t possible do/know everything all at once.

What advice would you give a tired nurse?

Take a break.  Sometimes it even takes changing your workplace for a while.  Take advice from older coworkers, find a mentor.  You are rarely alone in your thinking and tiredness.

What Do You Do in Your Spare Time?

I am a super energetic woman.  I work probably too much, but I like so much what I do.  Otherwise I love working out.  I am a spinning instructor.  I hike with my beloved father, hang with my grown twin sons as much as possible, and shop way too much.  I love finding a bargain at the flea market!!  I am obsessed with shoes.  Hate to cook, hate to clean even though I am detail oriented.  I am not a winter, snow loving person.  I love the sun and basking in it by the sea at home or abroad.   I have been married to my husband Anders for fifteen years and he is number two in my life.  I love my fourteen year old cat, Caesar, almost more 😉

To see the rest of my interview with Lena, click here……



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