No Walk in the Park


I have spent the last three days in the untouched forest of northern Sweden, just north of The Arctic Circle.  I always wanted to try hiking and finally convinced myself that there was no better time than now.  I followed my boyfriend, his sister, her husband, and children.  We borrowed nearly everything to do a test run before investing in any hiking equipment.  Lucky for us, we live in a country surrounded by hikers.  We packed everything we needed on our backs and biked/hiked 10 miles to a primitive camp called Aktse along Kungsleden, a 270 mile hiking trail in Sweden.  Day two, we spent ascending and descending Skierffe Mountain.




I survived without electricity, running water, and toilet for three full days.  I would describe the trip in three words-amazing, exhausting, and challenging.  I knew it would be no leisure stroll in nature.  I prepared myself to be challenged and looked forward to it.  The older I get, the more I like to challenge myself a little.  I push myself to step outside of my comfort zone and I encourage others to do the same.  You may never know your true strength unless you test it.


I loved every minute of the experience.  It is not to say that I did not have a couple moments where I sounded like a trucker fighting my way up a deceivingly beautiful and treacherous mountain with exhausted and unwilling legs.  I kept telling myself “mind over matter” until I broke through the toughest moments.


It helped that we stopped to pluck blueberries  from bushes that surrounded the trail and drank ice cold water from the many creeks along the way.  I wish I could have bottled the water and taken it home.  I have never tasted such fresh, delicious water in my life.  And the views and wildlife!  It is truly impossible to capture all the moments in a photo.   How often can one say that they crossed paths with a reindeer in the wild?  They will remain forever in my mind and heart.

The trip inspired my latest post for Mighty Nurse.  I hope you all gain some inspiration from it as well ❤

Taking a Time Out


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