Student Nurse Series: Tips for Your First Clinical

Nursing School Meme

I remember how tough it was in nursing school.  There is so much advice I would love to give to my student nurse self 17 years ago.  With that in mind, here is the first of several posts dedicated to my nursing students ❤

Student Nurse Series: Tips for Your First Clinical


New Site, Same Girl…

IMG_2747Hi everyone ❤  Happy Thursday!  I am taking a moment from a  crazy busy teaching schedule and sick day to catch up a little and reach out.  What do you think of the new site?  Any thoughts and constructive criticism are very welcomed!!  Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend.



P.S. Feel helpless with all the hatred and disaster in the world?  You can do your part.  Help is still needed in the form of donations for the people of Puerto Rico and don’t forget to donate blood if you can.  There is always a need the world over ❤

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