Student Nurse Series: Please Wash Your Hands

nursing-shortageMy previous posts have been advice and encouragement for you, the student. My hope was to inspire you to stay strong through school and see the reward that becoming a nurse can offer. You have many years of stability, security, and integrity ahead of you. The world is your oyster. You have the option to stay in your home town and see your career to retirement or you can travel the world one patient at a time. While we may meet again in future posts, I find no better way to sum up this series of posts with one final and most critical piece of advice. This time, it is more for the sake of your patients. Here goes. Please wash your hands….

Student Nurse Series: Please Wash Your Hands

Student Nurse Series: A Mighty Nursing Student Abroad

IMG_4232-2Those of us that have made it through nursing school can empathize with how tough it is getting through. Each semester is a new challenge with the demands becoming higher and higher. Imagine adding a new language and culture to this challenge….

A Mighty Nursing Student Abroad