It’s the Little Things in Nursing

NICU photo Courtesy of Lena Ejdefjord Lindh

Happy Tuesday!  In this week’s post for Mighty Nurse, I talk about the importance of the little things in nursing.  It’s basic nursing, but a critical reminder in the care of our patients ❤  Have a great week!!!

It’s the Little Things in Nursing

6 Ingredients for a Succesful Shift


“It is a simple fact that working with your tribe of people can sometimes make all the difference in the world. You know that no matter what, you have one another’s backs unconditionally. No matter how difficult the day, you have a second pair of eyes, ears, and another trustworthy opinion. Somewhere, in the calmer moments, you can have a laugh.”

A shout out to the amazing nurses, nursing assistants, and docs in the NICU at Queen Silvia’s Hospital for Children in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Here is my latest for Mighty Nurse…

6 Ingredients for a Succesful Shift